12 Rabi-ul-Awal Eid Milad-ul-Nabi (S.A.W) Greetings SMS and Status

12 Rabi-ul-Awal Eid Milad-ul-Nabi (S.A.W)

12 Rabi-ul-Awal Eid Milad-ul-Nabi Greetings SMS and Status. Congratulations play an important role in congratulating your Muslim brothers and friends on this occasion. 12 Rabi-ul-Awal Mubarak is the day of birth of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). According to Islamic history, religion of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) was born on Monday. Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) have been sent as a last prophet and as ...

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Jumma Mubarak Wallpaper Messages and Pics

jumma mubarak

Jumma is called Friday because on this day the Quraysh used to gather in Dar al-Nadwa. Allama Abdul Rahman narrates: The name of Aruba became popular in Islam as “Jumma“. The first Friday prayer in Islam. Hazrat Aseed Zararah led the Friday prayers in Madinah Munawara. According to Sunan Abi Dawood, Hazrat Ka’b bin Malik narrates that whenever he heard ...

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Jumma Mubarak Wishes Islamic Dua Hadees & Images

Jumma mubarak is important for muslim because Islam is a religion based on Abrahamic monotheism. Friday is the sixth day of the Islamic week. This day is more important for Muslims than any other day. Muslims pray five times a day and prostrate before the same God. “This life of the world is just a spectacle”  Importance of Jumma   Allama ...

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